Our Story
History Develops, Art Stands Still
A craftsman working on an elephant border for eleven years is what the history of Hotel Siddhartha Palace unfolds. An antique structure that stands to testify a glorious past and assures a hospitable present. Hotel Siddhartha Palace was originally the property of the Divan of Kutch. He had dreamt to build a royal structure that would mark his status and could be a body of work that could be praised for centuries to come. In the year 1978, it was a Mumbai based business family who expressed their desire to nurture and preserve this piece of art. Today Hotel Siddhartha Palace represents a fine blend of contemporary luxuries set against an aesthetic environment.
Our Inspiration
Our story goes beyond hospitality, as it is a collection of stories behind every stay.

Every stay at our property is a story of ambition, dedication, happiness, competition, perseverance, exploration and so on and every such story inspires us to do our best.

Stories that Inspire Stays:
  • Happiness-A family that is just looking for an excuse to spend more time with each other
  • Ambition – Parents coming to settle their children for their new journey of ambitions and goals
  • Dedication-fulfilling work commitments and living up to expectations and responsibilities
  • Competition-expanding entrepreneurial opportunities and finding new horizons
  • Exploration-reigniting life by exploring new cultures, art, food and monuments
  • Perseverance- not giving up on life and trying medical magic to live life
  • Some people may label all the above experiences as tourism but for us they are stories that inspire stays which add meaning to our work.
The marvellous structure is a blend of sandstone and red stone. The most efficient craftsmen available were employed to produce intricate work on every border that marks the periphery of the structure today. The elephants sculpted in these borders were considered as symbols of royalty in that era. Every craftsman worked on each border for many years which marks the intricate work done on this structure, which is grandeur personified.

An architectural marvel, it stands on 46 one-piece Sandstone pillars. The gradation of the sandstone used for carving the pillars is handpicked by experienced eyes. Each pillar is a marvellous piece of craftsmanship that stands 15 ft. in height and 2.5 ft in diameter. The pillars compliment the architectural marvel and gracefully holds the structure
Architectural Highlights
  • The noticeable symbolic pieces of the structure are The Ghoomat
  • The Carved Redstone Jhaali
  • The Elephant Border
  • 46 Sandstone Pillars
  • 2 Jharokas
  • The Emblem of Peace: The Lotus
  • An Authentic Porch
  • 11 Redstone Windows
  • 15 ft. one-piece seasoned Teakwood Carved Door