A Culture, A Story
A Legacy, A Palace for All
To Celebrate the Present while Nurturing the Past.
A Hotel Where Stories Live
Welcome to Hotel Siddhartha Palace
A craftsman working on an elephant border for eleven years is what the history of Hotel Siddhartha Palace unfolds. An antique structure that stands to testify a glorious past and assures a hospitable present. Hotel Siddhartha Palace was originally the property of the Divan of Kutch. He had dreamt to build a royal structure that would mark his status and could be a body of work that could be praised for centuries to come. In the year 1978, it was a Mumbai based business family who expressed their desire to nurture and preserve this piece of art. Today Hotel Siddhartha Palace represents a fine blend of contemporary luxuries set against an aesthetic environment.
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Hotel Siddharth Palace
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